[News]  Promotion! 100% sucess rate, donate, advertise,RB

Promotion Period: From May 1 4:00 AM to May 16 12:00AM, 2017

Promotions details:

1. Item Upgrade Promo
All upgrade via website will have 100% sucess rate until promotion period has ended

2. Extra EP when donating
If you donate between 1000-1999 Php,
you will get 500 epoints extra in addition to normal donate.

If you donate between 2000-2999 Php,
you will get 1000 epoints extra in addition to normal donate

If you donate between 3000-3999 Php,

you will get 2000 epoints extra in addition to normal donate

If you donate 4000 Php or more,

you will get
3000 epoints extra in addition to normal donate.

All accounts are qualified for this promotion.

3. Best Advertising Promo
Share the latest post on our Facebook Page.
We will pick 5 random persons every friday.
We will pick from the share menu,

1st place will get
999 epoints,
2nd place will get
788 epoints,
3rd place will get
688 epoints,
4th place will get
588 epoints,
5th place will get
488 epoints.
Please share only on your: Timeline, Ran or other advertisement groups/pages.
Never post on any groups/pages that is manage by another server
Doing so will result to permanent ban IP and Account.

4. 75th reborn will be activated after 5:00 PM 1 May 2017.
Levels requirement to reborn are back to normal.

Top 1 will get: 1500 epoints
Top 2 will get: 999 epoints
Top 3 will get: 788 epoints
Top 4 will get: 688 epoints
Top 5 will get: 588 epoints
Top 6 to 10 will get: 400 epoints
Epoints will be given after all 10 places are taken.

Any questions regarding these promo,
you can ask the GM or ADMIN.

Best Regards,
YawRon Online Management