[News]  100th Rebirth open at 6 May 8:00PM, Top/Cap Reward
100th rebirth open at 6 May 2017 8:00 PM After CW

♦ 1500 EP CAP REWARD ♦ (Until May 16 only!)

After reaching 100 RB and 350 Level, you may claim your reward.

How to claim
1. Valid Facebook account ( No dummy ).
2. Pm GM on facebook. Give your username and character name.
3. Can only claim 1 Cap Reward per account.
4. 1 Facebook = 1 Cap Reward

Top Reward
Top 1 will get: 100B Gold
Top 2 will get: 50B Gold
Top 3 will get: 40B Gold
Top 4 will get: 30B Gold
Top 5 will get: 20B Gold
Top 6 to 10 will get: 10B Gold

Extra Announcement:
Conqueror's Path 1 Coming Soon!
It will be after we reach 100 players stable so more guild will
have the chance to participate