[News]  Item Exchange & Change Gender Now Available

● Change Gender ●

We removed the website Change Gender feature because
of the “force drop” bug in game using this method. But you can now change if you want.

You must pay 500 PHP to change.

● Item Exchange ●

♦ EP items upgrade to high level items ♦
Upgrade items will charge the price difference only.
Ex.1: Primary Strength Earring(125 EP) upgrade to Golden Genesis Bracelet(225 EP)
Charge will be 225-125=100.
You will pay 100 PHP

Ex.2: Almighty Ring(300 EP) upgrade to Super Almighty Ring(600 EP)
Charge will be 600-300=300 EP.
You will pay 300 PHP

♦ Change between same EP items and game items ♦
Same EP items and game items will charge 500 PHP.
Ex.1: Lover Heart(225 EP) change to Golden Genesis Necklace(225 EP)
They have the same price, so
you will pay 500 PHP to change.

Ex.2: Godzilla Bow (Dex)(Freeze) change to Blood Tiger Bow (Pow)(Freeze)(Rainbow)
You will pay 500 PHP to change.

Ex.3: Elf Cloth change to Black Dragon Cloth
You will pay 500 PHP to change.

Contact GM on Facebook to process.
or send email to [email protected]
Then send the details like so:

Subject: Item Exchange
Username: yawron
IGN: yawron_01
Change Elf Cloth to Black Dragon Cloth

Send the details and the receipt of your payment to the GM.
Instruction how to donate can be found by clicking HERE

Best Regards,
YawRon Online Management